A 2-Day event for 17 High School students from the Sacramento Area

Our major goal was to promote secondary STEM education and careers in communities with few opportunities for advanced STEM education. Students were able to learn basic science concepts by participating in hands-on scientific activities, interact with scientists from diverse backgrounds at UC Davis, and explore biotechnology companies around the area.

This program took place from July 24-25, 2019.

Day 1: Spend the day engaging with scientists and gain experience in hands-on science activities. 

Day 2: Field trip to Ag Biotech Companies in Davis

Thank you to the participants and our partners for making this project a success!

Comai Lab

  1. Sergio Silva
  2. Benny Ordonez
  3. Kirk Amundson
  4. Lisa Malins
  5. Elena Tang
  6. Jasmine Supchukun
  7. Conor White

Stem Panelists

  1. Julie Ngov
  2. Melodie Najarro
  3. Joseph Rosas
  4. Isabelle Tankka 

The Ventricular Foundation 

  1. Veronica Martinez-Cerdeno
  2. Marisol Wolf-Ochoa
  3. Erin McBride

Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)

EAOP is a publicly funded organization that works with the lowest performing schools in the Sacramento and Yolo county. They organize academic outreach programs to support students in their journey to college. EAOP helped us connect with students who were potentially interested in participating in the event. They managed the logistics regarding working with minors. Maryam Irfan and two other EAOP staff helped set up the event and assisted with student supervision.

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