Methods and Data

This page summarizes the methods and data available from the Comai lab

TILLING and High throughput sequencing

Custom barcoding for Illumina and Illumina barcoded reads pipeline

Genotyping and Mutation Discovery

Exome capture: genotyping and mutation discovery

Discover CNV in genome (a Matt Porter and Korf lab collaboration)


  • RIL map of the Col-0 x Warschau population
  • Arabidopsis arenosa genomic information
  • Karyotypes of trisomic and translocated trisomic. [1] Dataset
  • Bin-by-sam, a karyotyping tool
    • Detailed run directions and examples can be found here.

Functional genomics of plant polyploids: NSF DBI 0733857
  • ABC data page

Protein Family Data Files

REVOLUTA legacy data


This page and the connected tools are funded by:

  • NSF Plant Genome grant DBI-0733857 (Functional Genomics of Polyploids)
  • NSF Plant Genome grant DBI-0924025. Heterosis Challenge Grant (HCG):The Regulatory Disruption Hypothesis for Heterosis
  • NSF Plant Genome grant DBI-0822383 (“TILLING by Sequencing”)
  • National Institutes of Health R01 GM076103-01A1 (Dosage dependent regulation in hybridization) to LC.
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