Status Updates

Current Projects

NamePopulation Screen Size
(# of Individuals)
Submission Cutoff DateStatus
T?ATC2X (2,048)
Rice (2,048)
ATC4X (528)
TBACurrently accepting orders.
T23ATC2X (2,048)
Rice (2,048)
ATC4X (528)
Dec. 31, 2013Mutation candidates posted on order site!
Analyzing and processing data.
Samples submitted to sequencing facility.
Currently processing orders.
T19Tomato (512)Jan. 14, 2012Mutation candidates posted on order site!
Currently working on confirmation of a few mutation candidates
T18Rice (1,536)
ATC4X (528)
Dec. 1, 2011Mutation candidates posted on order site!
Preliminary data looks good
Preliminary sequencing done
All amplifications were successful.


Rice (2,048 of Individuals)ATC4X (528 of Individuals)ATC2X (2,048 of Individuals)
Number of Targets Submitted for Current Run:Number of Orders Needed for Current Run:
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