Genome TILLING Projects

TILLING by Sequence

Discovery of rare mutations in populations requires methods, such as TILLING, for processing and analyzing many individuals in parallel. Previous TILLING protocols employed enzymatic or physical discrimination of heteroduplexed from homoduplexed target DNA…


The Nipponbare population developed at the USDA ARS laboratory of Tom Tai at UC Davis is described in BMC Plant Biology. From this population, 5,120 individuals have been arrayed and are available for screening.


The UCD Genome Center TILLING laboratory has been funded by USDA-NRI Genome to produce a population of tomato suitable for TILLING and to implement a TILLING service in tomato. The project participants have been Junda Jiang (Tomato breeder and molecular biologist)…

Arabidopsis TILLING

We provide two populations to TILL arabidopsis.The first (being implemented) is the diploid A. thaliana population developed by STP in Seattle. The second is a tetraploid population developed at UCD. The choice of system should be helped by the description below.

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