COVID-19 Information and Links

Last updated: August 31, 2020

Daily Symptom Survey

There is a university Daily Symptom Survey requirement to enter any UC managed facility. You only have to do this before you enter your first facility for the day. Save your result as you may be asked to show proof of approval at certain sites.

In Phase 2

Salient points:
·        Work that can be done at home, should still be done at home.
·        Approved Phase 1 and Phase 1x activities can continue under Phase 2 without further approval.
·        New projects starting under Phase 2 need to be approved using the attached form, which is an updated version of the Phase 1x approval form.  This will be routed for approval as for Phase 1x.
·        Shift work is now allowed as long as the maximum occupancy of 1 person per 250 sq. ft. (1 person per aisle in the GC) or >~33% of full occupancy (whichever is the lesser) is not exceeded at any one time.
·        Approval is for projects, not specific people.  Additional people with their contact information can be added to your lab’s spreadsheet (simplified version attached) that should be kept on file; updated forms should sent to me and Ernie.  Therefore, any wet lab member can come into the GC to work on approved project as long the occupancy at any one time is consistent with the guidelines and they are aware that they should not participate if they are in an at-risk category. All people coming into the GC must have signed the GC SOP and use the GC scheduler. 
·        In exceptional cases, experienced undergrads that require minimal/no supervision can also be added to a lab’s roster and come to work in lab.  They are governed by the same 1 person per 250 sq. ft. guideline.  Undergrads who cannot work independently, cannot come in under Phase 2.  Please specifically apply to Luca Comai to add an undergrad to your roster with a brief justification.
Reporting COVID-19

Use the reporting process when:

  • You, or someone with whom you share a residence, receives a confirmed positive COVID-19 test result or a COVID-positive diagnosis from a physician – MANDATORY
  • You have concerns about a member of the campus community having COVID-19, whether on or off campus

Genome Center Lab Scheduler

Before you come into lab, please sign up for a time slot. It can be accessed from the main GC website thorough the COVID-19 link or directly at

Once on this page you can access the Google Spreadsheets for each lab using the password: safety is paramount (all lowercase, with spaces).

Reservations for Flow and Biosafety Cabinets

Reservation calendar for ESCO –  Laminar Flow Cabinet/Clean Bench

Reservation calendar for NUAIRE – Biosafety Cabinet

COVID Inventory Checklist

For anyone coming into the lab, please make sure lab supplies are in stock to ensure lab function – Inventory Checklist

Purchasing Information
  • There is a temporary option in AggieBuy to ship packages to your home. See instructions.
Proper PPE

Remember masks must be worn at all times while inside the building. Extra masks are located at Isabelle’s desk – Only used for back up.

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